Property Maintenance

Whilst we work on bigger projects we also carry out general maintenance on dwellings. Although we do complete refurbishments of empty properties, we can also carry out maintenance work to occupied premises. We can deal with any sort of maintenance issue required. Electrical, plumbing, gas, leaks, redecoration, changing locks, small building works, replacing appliances.

We have carried out maintenance for various property companies in and around Brighton and Hove and still continue to do so where requested. There is no job too small for out team. Subject to appropriate call out charges. We can provide emergency works and can provide 24hr call out if previously arranged. Our team has dealt with a flat roof blowing off on Boxing Day, they covered with temporary weather protection to ensure tenants possessions were not damaged. Not an easy task in strong winds.

We have attended a basement flat flood with the fire brigade, and helped tenants to rescue possessions, the flat was flooded to 3ft up the walls due to flash flooding and a blocked road drain externally. Following the pumping out of the water by the fire brigade, we dried out the premises, removed all the rotten timbers and replaced and refurbished the premises, it took almost a year before the flat was ready to be re-let due to appropriate drying out.

Nero’s coffee shop in Western Road flooded on a Sunday afternoon due to a burst pipe from the flats above. We attended stopped the leak and carried out all repairs to the premises around their opening times so as not to disrupt their business. We are very good at reacting quickly and providing immediate response if we have been made aware that we are on call.

Our ability to deal with any situation, pest infestation, clearance when a tenant has been evicted and the property needs to be completely disinfected. Damage caused by unruly tenants, day to day repairs. End of tenancy decoration. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with all of these situations. 

Our company has always provided a quick competent service. We are known for getting things done immediately. Our management style can be extremely responsive when needed, we aim to assist and where possible remedy the situation for you, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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